Boost your offers

Save time

Resume Screening

290 €
  • Job offer must be existent
  • We receive all the applications
  • We send you a shortlist of the best resumes

You have a high performing offer and don’t have the time to review all the applications ?

Or you want us to receive them ?

With the pre-selection pack, we will receive the applications and we will review them.

We send you a shortlist of the resumes that fit your needs.

Upgrade your job

You already have a pack with us and you are looking urgently for your new talent ?

You can add the featured functionality by getting this add on to your pack.

Valid for one job offer.

Your listing will be displayed for 15 more days than the regular listing.

Plus, we broadcast it again on our networks !


80 €
  • One Time Fee
  • Valid for 1 job offer
  • Job offer must be existant

Add time

30 more days

90 €
  • One time fee
  • Your listing will be on for 30 more days
  • Broadcast on social networks

You have not yet found the ideal person?

Do not worry, we give you the option to extend the duration of your publication.

It will be displayed for 30 more days on our site and we will broadcast it again on all our networks to maximize your chances!