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Making healthy homemade food  for your baby and family shouldn’t take hours in the kitchen or complicated recipes. At Mummy Cooks, we believe in a simple and fuss-free approach to feeding children. Our recipes, advice, and products support parents by saving them time in the kitchen and still enabling them to serve healthy homemade food every day.


Our mission is to educate and empower parents to raise happy, healthy, and adventurous eaters.The food you give your little one’s is important, but in order for children to develop a love for good food, you must also create a happy eating environment. This begins at the weaning stages. The Mummy Cooks method is all about food psychology and creating a positive relationship between healthy food and your child.


Siobhan Berry founded Mummy Cooks as a cookery school to teach parents how to wean their babies. Her fuss-free and relaxed approach to feeding quickly made her classes a popular must-attend class few new mothers in Ireland.

As her following grew, Siobhan started her website to share her advice and recipes to a larger audience. Siobhan then began offering products on her site that she had used herself while weaning her second daughter. These award-winning weaning pots are designed to support parents in the weaning journey through portioning and batch cooking solutions. Soon after, she added child, toddler, and adult portion pots to the range.

As Mummy Cooks grew, Siobhan saw the need for time-saving solutions in the kitchen, while still being able to make homemade food for her family. Batch-cooking revolutionized the way that she fed her family. By preparing healthy meals and freezing them, she could save time in the kitchen on busy nights and still feed her family nutritious homemade food.

Food Flasks were introduced in 2016 to provide an easy way for children to take more vegetables in their school lunches. In 2018, Siobhan released her first recipe book, Baby and Family, a detailed, step-by-step guide for parents that includes hundreds of recipes and invaluable advice for raising happy eaters.

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