FAQ Candidates

Are there any fees?

Work Around the World is a freemium service for you.

It means that you won’t pay anything unless you want to.

We do not take any fees when you sign your contract with the employer through us.

Our paid services are the following :

  • Translation of your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Assistance to get your visa

How to apply ?

Just go to the jobs of your choice, answer a couple questions about you and that’s it.

When should I apply ?

We advise you to send us your application for each offer as soon as possible. That is to say as soon as you know your periods of training, and that you are certain to want to leave.

Indeed, the internship search, then the procedure and the preparation at the beginning can take several months according to the destination. The sooner you go, the better we can manage the various constraints together.

Can apply for more than one job ?

Of course it is quite possible to access several offers at the same time. However, we advise you to target what you are looking for, which saves time.

How does your visa service work ?

Once you paid the fees, we contact you to understand what is your current situation and how we can help you efficiently.

We then take care of a large part of the administrative process.

We do not pay the fees for you and we can not go to the embassy for you for example.

I haven't heard from the employer, is it normal?

Yes, it is. Due to the high volume of applications, they can not always answer to every candidate. This is why we advise you to send us an email a week after you applied for a position. We will do our best to get the information for you.

If you haven’t heard from them within two weeks, you should consider your application unsuccessful this time.

But don’t worry, we have other opportunities

With Work Around the World, your journey abroad starts now !

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