Getting out of the hostel: your biggest challenge in Dublin

Housing in Dublin can be a real headache or even a burden. In fact, the Irish real estate market is not governed by the same laws as in France. No minimum area, no ban on subletting and no maximum rent. In addition the offer is lower than the demand so the owners are kings. You’ll have to adapt before your dream turns into a nightmare. But do not worry, TeamWAW is here to advise you and give you good tips.

1) What to look for?

In Dublin, research is often divided into three parts:

  • The entire dwelling
  • A room in a family
  • ColocationDepending on your situation and your budget you will have to choose one of its solutions.
    But colocation is perhaps the most common situation. Colocation is not only for students, many couples and young people have opted for this solution. This is due to the very high price of whole homes (1500 € minimum for a well-placed whole house). A room in a roommate turns around 500 and 1000 € depending on the chosen district (but in the center it will not go below 700 €).

Namely: the charges are not included in the rents. So always add between 60 € and 100 € for Wi-Fi, electricity etc.

2) Where to look?

Real estate scams are plentiful in Dublin. You are not advised to look for accommodation before your arrival. Most will ask you an advance to “validate” your place but on arrival there will be no accommodation … So here we give you some websites to search for quickly find accommodation and enjoy a max of your adventure :

1) : This is the Irish equivalent of Seloger. You will find agencies but also individuals, which can avoid paying a ton of agency fees.

2) : It is the cousin of and you will find about the same ads. But you can contact the owners on both sites, it will allow them to see your enthusiasm and they will be more likely to trust you.

A map of Dublin neighborhoods by postal code. This is the number listed in the housing adsA map of Dublin neighborhoods by postal code. This is the number listed in the housing ads

3) Eazycity : This site is reserved for students, trainees, Erasmus who are looking for accommodation for a specific period. You will also find some job offers to be babysitter or “au pair”

Finally, Facebook groups of French expatriates in Dublin abound with small ads. Plus they work a lot at word of mouth in Ireland so do not hesitate to put a little word, you never know.

3) How to search?

There are some rules for responding to an offer in Ireland.

  • The law of the strongest: be quick, the first-come-first-serve is in Ireland. Your responsiveness is super-important.
  • Do not hesitate to describe your situation, your personality … Anything that will put you forward to keep your profile. Especially during the visits, it’s a bit like a job interview. You have to convince the owner that you are the best candidate.
  • Revive them because they receive tons of mail. Yours may drown in the mass.
  • The last advice is to always have with you the file to build and what to pay the two months of rent for the deposit. Dubliners like to go quickly in business, the simpler they will be, the happier they will be.

The little extra: in the file we advise you to have letters of “references”. These are letters made by your employer, your former owner … to have guarantors of your good behavior. Do not hesitate to add your work contract to prove your solvency or your certificate of schooling if you are in Erasmus. Finally add all the documents that seem relevant to you showing your good faith and your solvency.

And here you have all the keys to find your home!

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