Ne plus être piéton à Amsterdam: un défi

 We do not always think about learning about transportation before an expatriation. Yet this factor is ultra-important when looking for an apartment, or when you want to know the cost of living.


  • Transportation from Amsterdam Airport

It is the fourth largest airport in Europe and is located only a few kilometers from the city center. So there are many possibilities to get downtown from the airport, and we will all introduce you.
The train: There is a direct line with a train every 10 minutes or so. You can book your tickets online right here: Train tickets from the airport to the city of Amsterdam where you can pick them up at the yellow machines.
Shuttle buses from the airport: there is also a departure every 10 minutes. The advantage is that shuttles make stops in around a hundred hotels. Convenient when you are dropped right in front but a bit long because of all stops. And prices are around € 30 round trip. To buy your tickets you have to go to the Connexxion office at terminals 2 or 4.
Taxis: they are very expensive but it’s still the most convenient. So you see if you are ready to pay forty euros for this comfort.
  • The public transports

GVB is one of the leading public transport companies in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam you will find subways, trams, buses and trains. And to access all these transports you only need a map. This magic card is called OV-chipKaart.It is very useful if you stay a long time in Amsterdam and it is not given according to the formula that you wish. 
For visitors and short-term tourists, we suggest City-Pass that you can buy online with many advantages to visit the city. You have access to most museums and tourist attractions as well as public transport for free with your City Pass. I
f you do not wish to make a museum then there are OV cards for periods ranging from 1 to 7 days.
Note: Public transport is expensive in Amsterdam. It is the capital so it is not illogical but an OV card for one day only costs about 10 €. It is not given ! The trams run until 00:15 and serve the city center very well. 
Buses in Amsterdam mainly serve the suburbs. What is really top is the night buses. From 00:30 to 7:00 in the morning you will find some links from the central station to the suburbs. On the other hand if you do not have the card GVB you have to buy your ticket for 5 €. 
The subway in Amsterdam is quite well done. There are 4 lines, most departures are from the station

  • Cycling in Amsterdam

And yes, who says Amsterdam, says bike! It’s a way of life there and besides the whole city is covered with bike lane. You can rent a bike for about 8 € a day but the more you ride, the less you pay. Indeed, there are long term rentals not too expensive. And then it’s still The tradition.

  • Taxis in Amsterdam

The trip will cost € 1.80 / km regardless of the time of day, with an option of 5% to 10% tip. However it’s like Paris, there are taxi ranks. Hail them in the street does not work well.

  • La voiture

The car is good and practical but do not forget that parking in Amsterdam is a real challenge. In the city center is even mission impossible unless you reserve your parking space.

 Now that you have all the necessary information, you just have to choose your means of locomotion. And our thoughts go to the brave ones who do not know yet what it is to ride in the wind and the rain!