Prepare the arrival to Barcelona

Héléna and Antoine are well settled in Barcelona, ​​it is time for us to give you tips and tricks for a successful installation in this beautiful city.

1) Accommodation

Finding accommodation is not easy. As in any big city for that matter. In the Catalan capital, real estate agencies may not be the most financially wise choice. Indeed, their offers are few and the agency fees are high (around 900 €) without counting the deposit and the first month of rent … It’s about 2000 € to come out of a sudden … By cons going through an agency allows you to always have reliable contact just in case.
It is quite common to find a particular apartment in Barcelona. Feel free to visit sites such as Loquo, Habitaclia or Fotocasa to find.Au level of rent, 50m ² will cost you about 800 €.

If you opt for colocation, you will find plenty of ad at the University of Barcelona.

Finally the neighborhood is important. The south of Raval is really not recommended for security reasons but the best is to visit the neighborhood before choosing your apartment.

To know: leases are often annual in Barcelona, ​​so if you plan to stay a few months pay attention to that. The story of not paying rent unnecessarily when you returned to France.

2) Transportation

There are many subway lines, bus, tram and even a kind of RER. You have access to Bicing (Vélibs’ Barcelona). By cons, for those who have a car it is difficult to find parking in the street. They are paid and parking is very regulated and controlled. As for private car parks count a hundred euros per month.

3) The administrative

After obtaining a mailing address it will be necessary for you to register to the empadronamiento. This is the register of residents of Barcelona and it is done at the town hall. It is mandatory to apply for your Foreign Worker Identification Number (NIE) and therefore to find a job if it is not already done. Finally it will be mandatory to register for Social Security.

To request the NIE number you must go this time to the police station of Barcelona. It is simple to obtain despite many necessary papers. You need to contact the French Consulate in Barcelona to find out more. It can still take a month to get it.

Finally do not worry if you do not speak Catalan. In Barcelona Spanish is very widespread and the little extra: the Government of Catalonia (the Generalitat) finances free Catalan courses if you want to learn


See you in Barcelona ! #TeamWAW

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