We are experts in international recruitment.
Whether you are a start-up or employing thousands of people all around the world, we can help you.

"The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world."
Steve Jobs

4 profiles, 4 options, Unlimited opportunities


Usually from 1 to 6 months. It can sometimes last longer depending on your country regulations.

Students will have an internship agreement from their schools that you will need to sign.

We can take care of this part for you.


End of study internships usually last 6 months.

Student often consider it as an opportunity to prove themselves within your company in order to get a full time contracts.


With a first relevant experience, they are ready to move forward with their career.


With two years minimum of professional experience, they are looking for a new challenge.

Hiring an international talents who already has experience can boost the productivity of your teams.

They trust us


We were looking for a relevant and effective solution to accompany us in our international development and we were served. WAW was able to quickly understand our need despite the difficulty that can represent the development of our business abroad. They provided good advice on the best opportunities available to us before we started recruiting by meeting our criteria.

We were impressed by the speed of recruitment, the good execution and the deadlines that are crucial in our development like many other startups. The first test was on 1 or 2 profiles then 12 profiles and now the question does not even arise when we have a need, we contact WAW always ready to help us. Communication is also very effective, it is a crucial and reassuring point when recruiting in just one stream.

There are providers and there are partners, WAW is definitely a partner and the story is just beginning. I highly recommend their service and this team who very friendly.

How does it Work.

Definition of your need

We spend some time together to define the person who will join your team. We also collect the different information necessary for an efficient broadcasting.

Broadcasting of your offer

We target the schools and universities to whom we send your offer, we propulse it on our social networks, private groups...

Selection and interview

We receive the applications and interview the candidates. We will evaluate their language skills, and take a deep look at their personality.

You interview the candidates

We send you a shortlist of the candidates who will fit the best in your team. You just have to choose which one will join you.

Administrative Support

We will take care of the conventions, the letters of invitations and so on... We will fill in the forms for you. You just have to sign.


Our mission is to make sure that the candidate arrives in the best conditions possible. We will advise him/her so that he is ready to work when he arrives !

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