The 10 Challenges of International Recruitment

Today, more and more companies become international. Employers recruit multilingual profiles – able to adapt to international markets and willing to travel or relocate in another country. Companies are looking for international employees not only for their know-how (expertise, languages) but also for their soft-skills such as flexibility, open-mindedness, and empathy.

In the context of globalization, it is necessary to adapt teams to the new needs of consumers and markets. Having a young bilingual in the team who knows several markets is an attractive asset to international companies. Recruiting a foreign intern or employee also allows expanding businesses to new ideas and including another culturally different perspective on the development of the commercial, marketing and communication needs. International recruitment is a vital part of the hiring process. It is a great opportunity for your business to expand and your company to grow but this process is not always simple.



Here are the 10 main challenges identified when it comes to recruiting internationally;

  1. Finding international candidates ready for a relocation
  2. Recruiting a native on the spot
  3. Having a local attractiveness to native candidates.
  4. Having a need for international visibility to support the attraction of profiles abroad.
  5. Screening too many CVs difficult to compare and more generally having a global view of qualification and schools.
  6. Targeting the right industries or skills which is making sourcing very complicated with a little international network.
  7. Having a lack of language skills.
  8. Having a need of expertise in recruiting on global markets or not enough full-time staff to deal with recruitment efficiently.
  9. Creating attractive job prospects to attract international candidates.
  10. Finding the right tools to target potential candidates. (Job Boards, partner networks.)

Identifying your challenges is one of the first preliminary steps to achieve your recruitment process,  allowing you with a more concrete base to build your expansion and growth.

International recruiting is a time-consuming, and costly process, but nothing is more essential than putting together the right team to expand your business. Team WAW















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