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How to apply for a job abroad ?

When you want to apply for a job abroad, the first step for you is to translate your resume in another language.

This can be difficult, because each language has its own complexities and quirks that can sometimes be hard to get your head around, all well as differences in formatting.

This is where the advantages of having a helping hand from WaW really shine through.

The resume: an indispensable tool!

Your resume is the first item a recruiter will see. Although it only takes an average of 6 seconds to look at it, it remains the determining factor in determining whether your application will be selected for an interview. Your resume is your business card, your commercial brochure. The slightest spelling mistake or misalignment is immediately spotted and can disqualify you in the race to the job of your dreams!

Successful resumes are difficult to make !

What to write in your resume when you do not have much experience? How not to put too much when you have a lot? Which points to highlight?

In addition to having to adapt to each company and the position to which you are applying, your resume must be clear and readable quickly. To stand out, the originality of the resume can make the difference but the content remains the most important!

Make your resume in another language: a tough fight!

Your resume in a foreign language should not just be a translation of your resume into your native language. Some elements must be present and others can be forgotten.

In order to prove to the recruiter that your application stands out, especially in an international context, grammar and spelling must be irreproachable!

Work Around the World offers to help you in this task. WAW works throughout the year on thousands of resumes on several continents.

Translate your resume with WAW



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